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Official Let's Go Brandon Collection

Minted in the dead of night by anonymous renegades, the LGB Collection stands as 10,000 beacons for prosperity, freedom and ‘Merica.


The Jist

The Start

Like Bitcoin, The Official Let’s Go Brandon Collection was designed to be a community focused project (Mostly because the creators would prefer not to be droned). The creators are media and PR Wizards though, so a large portion of the proceeds will go to influencer marketing and media generation to raise this SOB to Mars.

Collection Specs

Each Brandon is a completely unique piece of art built from over 100+ possible traits, including facial expression, headwear, eyewear, ear-wear, clothing, mouths, and more. All Brandon’s are unique but lookout for the rare and ultra-rare ones. Brandon’s are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain. All images and metadata are stored on the IPFS. 


There will be many surprises coming for Brandon holders over the next year. These will be announced as they are launched. The more Brandons you hold the more you get.


Own one Brandon and get into Hunter's Bathroom. Own three Brandon's to get into Hunter's Lounge and five to get into Hunter's Grotto.


Brandons will be placed for sale on April 7th. There will then be a reveal date 5 days after the last Brandon is sold. We will only be putting so many on sale a day, so you will have to be vigilant and quick to get a Brandon.


Four times a year (at the end of each quarter) 10% of the fees earned from the creator’s commission will be paid out to the holders with more than 4 Brandons.

Our Speciality

Troll Biden  /  Support Freedom  /  Earn an Income / VIP Access / Big Bonuses / Random Events


True Scarcity 

- No New Brandons -

There will never be any new Brandons minted. However, there will be a few ultra-rare NFTs that will be minted to the collection. 

These include: 

The Journey of The LGB NFT

  • Brandons Hidden for Minting Process. COMPLETED

  • Press Campaign Launched. STARTED

  • Influencer and Media Campaign Starts. STARTED

  • White Listing Begins

  • Brandon’s Set for Sale April 7th

  • Brandons Completely Sold Out

  • Brandon Reveal Event

  • New Ultra Rare NFTs are Minted and Randomly Dropped.

  • Combination System is Released to Allow Two Brandons to be Combined into a Super Brandon with a Chance to get an Ultra Brandon.

  • 10% of the Creator Fees Paid Out to Holders with More than 4 Brandons

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